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The Hockey Essayists prospect team of Matthew Zator, Peter Baracchini and Dayton Reimer get together to examine some champions from the 2024 Dedication Cup up to this point, make their expectations for the significant Canadian Hockey Association Grants, include a couple 2024 NHL Draft profiles, and that's just the beginning.

0:00 Introduction

2:30 Champions From the Remembrance Cup Up to this point

17:30 CHL Defenceman of the Year

22:01 CHL Goaltender of the Year

26:03 CHL The latest phenom

29:06 CHL Top Draft Prospect Grant

32:39 CHL Player of the Year

37:58 Draft Profiles of the Week (Nathan Villeneuve, Alfons Freij and Sacha Boisvert)

44:16 Possibilities of the Week (Denton Mateychuk, Ruslan Gazizov and Josh Sprout)

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